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I have finally gotten around to finishing FC Fighters 2.

I'll be posting a few chapters at a time, with the five I just posted.

It's almost over!
Stay tuned.

Chp 115: An Odd Request.
A few day had gone by as Rock waited at Woodhaven Campground. Zappy chripped at him as he paced back and forth. "I know I should be calm, but it's been a few days, Zappy." snorted Rock. "Hey Rock!" called a voice. Rock turned to see the campground manager as he came up to him. "A teleigram came in for you this morning." he said to Rock, Some bird lady dropped it off...Thought I could swear she was a guy...." "Let me see that." said Rock as the manager handed him the note. 'Dear monsiour Rock. Now with ze tournament over, It haz been zeen zat vous are ze champion. With all ze attack on vous and zome of ze other fighters, I must ask vous to find your way to ze city of Sunset Star and zeek out Buglee and Bandit. They will zell you where to go next. Once vous find Junco, She will bring vous to one of my estates, where I will be with ze prize. Mr F. Saulnier.' "Wow." said Rock, "Looks like Mr. Saulnier want to make sure that the guys who've been bothering me don't get their hands on the prize. Come on Zappy! Let's go." Rock rushed out of the campground and headed towards Station Square. As he rushed passed some bushes, Thorn and Ash poked their heads out. "Should we follow him, Thorn?" said Ash with a flat tone, "Or should we wait for our insider to give us the news?" "The insider has already told me what we need to know." said Thorn with a wicked grin of madness, "But from What I can see, that scorpion's hunch of a G.U.N. proxy might still hold true, even if it isn't that rabbit." "Then you should go and hurry up with the plan." said Ash. "Not coming Ash?" snorted Thorn. "Got better things to do." he replied. "Boss ordered you to shadow me." snarled Thorn as she grabbed Ash by the scruff of his neck, "Flirting with waitresses is not what our job is. It's to get the prize! Now lets move!" Thorn darted off as Ash chased after her. Meanwhile, Rock and Zappy arrived at Station Square Harbor and asked how to get to Sunset Star Zone. "That ship over there." said a dock worker, "And today is a free day to ride out of port. Just make sure you get off at Sunset Star port." "Thank you sir." said Rock as he made his way onto the ship.
FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 115
Rock & Zappy = RockingQuix
Ash & Thorn = SilverWolfGal1


Chp 114: River Rescue.
Rock jumped out of the pagoda and into the river. He swam hard after Kumori as he floated down the river. As Rock got close to him, he could hear a loud explosion behind him. Without looking back Rock swam as hard as he could and managed to reach Kumori. Rock the turned his attention to getting him to shore. As he them got to shore, he found that they were just outside of the village and he could see smoke rising from the center of it. "What..." panted Rock as he watched. Zappy suddenly cawed a warning to Rock as a figure moved towards them. "Well it seems you've managed to avoid my trap!" said the figure. "Grrr." growled Rock, "Swindle!" "I thought I'd send you two off with a bang." he snarled as he moved his towards them, "Figures you two would take a dip before that!" Zappy tried to peak at him with some electrifide peaks, but Swindle grabbed her and tossed her into a box covered in rubber and put the box into his coat pocket. "Enough with the budgy friend of yours." he snarled, "You two have been a thorn in my side long enough. When I'm done with you two, No one will ever find you!" Rock couldn't move, he had worn himself out trying to rescue Kumori and now he was a sitting duck for Swindle. Pointing his tomphson at them, Swindle cackled "Say Your Prays!" "I think not!" came a voice behind Swindle. Swindle turned to see Rhine behind him and cursed "What's this now?" Suddenly Wrathven dove down and ripped off the pocket with the box. The box opened as Rhine knocked the gun out of Swindle's hands then hit him with a hard back hand, knocking him flat. Zappy then zapped him before Kumori started to come to. Rhine grabbed Swindle by his tail and tossed him towards the river. "AEII!" Cried Swindle as he skipped across the water a few times before slamming into a rock in the middle of the river. The river swept Swindle down towards open water as Rhine helped both Rock and Kumori up and back to the village. "Thanks Rhine." mumbled Rock. "Not a problem." replied Rhine. A few hours passed as Rock and Kumori rested after their fight. "You save my life, twice in one night." said Kumori with a distant tone, "And you've managed to defeat me." "As the saying gose." shrugged Rock, "Some guys have all the luck."
FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 114
Rock & Zappy = RockingQuix
Kumori = KumoriShadou
Rhine = Mine
Swindle = Archaedin

Chp 113: Kumori's Challange.
Rock was awaken by multiple peck to his face. He saw Zappy and Wrathven on either side of him and he looked up to see the sun starting to set. Wrathven flew up to a hanging lanturn and gave a passing glance before flying off. "Woah." yawned Rock as he got up slowly, "I must have slept like a pile of bricks. Let's get the fight over with." Rock headed towards the pagoda and didn't see Kumori there. "I don't like this..." muttered Rock as he looked around. Suddenly Kumori dropped down behind him and knocked Zappy onto the floor of the pagoda. Rock turned around only to get hit with the tip of Kumori's Spear. "Gah!" cried Rock as it left a gash on his left check. Kumori slammed his spear's shaft on Rock's body, almost where, Tonik had almost broken his ribs. Rock saw that Zappy was hurt and  whipped his chain around Kumori's spear before tossing it into the river. Kumori was taken aback by the loss of his spear but turned and attacked once more. Rock did his best to block as many shots as he could, but he knew that this wasn't the way to win a fight. Rock suddenly kicked Kumori below the belt before swinging around and hitting him in the back with a sharp elbow. Kumori was stunned at this sudden attack, but as Rock went to attack him once more, Kumori countered with a leg sweep. Kumori took to the air and Dropped kicked Rock as he tried to get up. Rock tried to dogde him as he tried to get up, but Kumori seemed to know what he was trying each time. Kumori snorted "You could never beat me. You had to be lucky with the other fighters for them to lose!" Rock stayed down and did not move an inch. Kumori looked at Rock with confusion and snorted "Playing dead won't help you." Kumori went for another drop kick as Rock stayed still. Suddenly Zappy, surrounded by electricity, rammed into Kumori before Rock jumped up and conected with a hard uppercut. Kumori tumbled to the ground, almost winded by the sudden attack. Rock raced towards him, before he could get his bearings and, with his chains wrapped around his fist, slammed a leftwards haymaker into Kumroi's jaw sending the hedgebat over the side and into the river. Rock watched as Kumori's limp body floated down the river, face down. "No!" cursed Rock, "He'll drown if we don't get to him!"
Chp 112: Waiting Till Sundown.
Rock followed Kumori towards a large pagoda on a small island in the middle of the river. "This is where our Fight will take place tommorrow night." he snorted, "I trust you'll bring your best." "Hard to say." said Rock flatly, "If I wasn't dealing with Swindle, those numbskulls Bark and Bean, that ticked off pirate DJ, or those underworld goons Thorn and Ash, I think I'd be fully ready to take you on tonight." "You've made quite a few enemies haven't you rabbit." snorted Kumori, "But then you have done something that even I did not." "Which is?" asked Rock. "You stunned the windy roar from Howl." said Kumori, "You are the only oe to be so lucky. Though I defeated him, that painful roar of his could have killed me." "I recall that Artemisia has a similer attack." said Rock. "Yes, that is true." said Kumori, "But I faced Howl before her. Her screech was not as painful as Howl's. I was still struggling with some hearing loss at that point."  "Ouch..." muttered Rock. "Anyways, I must be off at the moment." said Kumori, "I will see you the coming night." Kumori walked away, leaving Rock in the pagoda with Zappy. "Looks like we got ourselfs in deep here, eh Zappy?" said Rock to the flicky. As Rock turned to leave the pagoda, a pair of binoculars, hidden in a bush, watched from afar. Swindle popped out of the bush and rubbed his hands. "Now I'll make sure that both of you will never see another dawn again! Hehehahahaha!!!" By next morning, Rock struggled to stay awake. He had spent the night up and wanted to stay up for a few more hours before the fight. "I need to drink something..." he yawned. Rock heard some footsteps behind him and he turned to see Rhine walking past. "Oh, hey Rhine." he yawned. Rhine looked at him and said "My goodness! What have you been doing?! Don't you have a fight coming up?" "It's tonight." he grouned, covering his mouth for another yawn, "It's at night and I must win before dawn.." "Well you're not going to win a fight..." started Rhine before Rock slumped forwards. Rhine quickly grabbed him as he let off a horrendious snore. "Just my luck." snorted Rhine as both Zappy and Wrathven landed by Rock.
FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 112
Rock & Zappy = RockingQuix
Kumori = KumoriShadou
Rhine = Mine
Swindle = Archaedin

I have finally gotten around to finishing FC Fighters 2.

I'll be posting a few chapters at a time, with the five I just posted.

It's almost over!
Stay tuned.



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