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.:2014 Fan Character Crew:. by Knuxtiger4

What a mob...I'll skip the first row, and deal with the rest. Ozzi and Claw are obviously friendly, while Cyril looks eligently evil in...

GHG Round 2 - Goro VS Zoe by mARTz-9o

Um....where is the rest of Zoe's robot? I'm guessing that it's hidden under Goro's robot's feet. And only thirty nine wins? I didn't th...

The Brash Shark by GuardianMobius

Now here's a "I'm gonna beat yeah for lookin'" kind of guy. The colors are both harsh and cold. The cloudy grey and charcoal work wonde...

The Strange Mix by GuardianMobius

Wow...What an odd ball. The blue seems to clash with the orange quite a bit, yet seem to flow well at the same time.... I do like the c...

Battle for South Island by Hazard-the-Porgoyle

Ah yes, the Egg Walker Mk.I. Ironicly one of the hardest of Dr. Robotnik's original creations. For a game that was more or less a joke,...

.:Final Battle:. by Knuxtiger4

Sucks to be Duke and Kaiser here. Berserker isn't having much of a fun time either. Fangs still looks like some one is going to get the...



Dangers of Texting Deco by KK-Afterbrun
Dangers of Texting Deco
See people, Texting and driving, or in this case flying is a bad idea...

As the sign saids: Elle Textait en volant. (She was texting while flying)

I found this little decoration just outside the small Quebec town of St. Clet, near where I live. Some one make a meme of it.
I've now posted up to Chapter 55.

But in truth, I've been holding back on putting chapters up.

In truth, I'm working on Chapter 95... (Yikes! This is a long one)

I'm no where finished with the story. I would think that the story will take nother 25 to 30 chapters MINIMUM!

Hang in there as I do intend to finish this by the end of 2014.

You'll have to bear with me though.

Thanks for all the favs and stay tuned...

Chp 55: A Thorn-y Situation.
The next morning, Rock re-entered the werehouse and looked for Thorn. Suddenly Zappy chirped a warning and Rock dove to the side as a black orb crashed into the floor. 'What is with these people starting the fight before I get a chance to speak with them?' thought Rock as he rolled aside of another attack. Thorn growled as she tossed another shadow ball at Rock from high on top of a crate pile. Rock jumped back and broke a crate, causing the pile to tumble. Thorn jumped off the pile as it tumble downwards and moved onto an elivated walkway. Rock raced up to meet her and the two started to trade punches. Thorn jumped back and snarled "You seem pretty brave to come here, slave boy!" "What are you talking about?" cursed Rock. "I know a slaver's chain when I see one!" snorted Thorn, "Don't try and hide it from me!" This was bringing back some painful memories for Rock and he spat "Unless you want to end up at the bottom of the harbor, I suggest that you shut your trap!" Thorn gave a wicked grin and attacked with a tornado kick. Rock blocked a few hits before he was knocked onto his back. Thorn went to grab his arm when Zappy flew in and zapped her, however it didn't seem to faze her. Thorn glanced at the flicky and swatted her away. "Zappy!" cursed Rock and he jumped back to his feet and hit Thorn with a hard right hook. "No one hurts my friends!" he snarled as he grabbed Thorn by her thorns and slammed her face into the walkway's floor. He backed off a moment as Thorn struggled to get up. "Time for this fight to drop!" she spat as she grabbed the bars holding the walkway to the roof. Rock noticed that they started to glow before the walkway beneith him suddenly shattered and he fell to the werehouse floor. Rock hit the floor hard and he could see, Thorn jumping down to attack him. He felt a peice of wood by his hand and swatted Thorn before she landed onto him. As she got up, Rock wrapped his chain around his fist and hit her hard into a pile of steel crates. To his surprise, Thorn got up and snarled, "It's going to take a lot more then that to stop me!" She was about to lunge towards Rock with another attack, but a heavy crate fell from the top of the pile and crashed onto her, pinning her to the floor. "Gah!.." she cried as she found that she could not move. "It looks like this fight is over, Thorn." said Rock.
FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 55
Rock & Zappy = RockingQuix
Thorn = SilverWolfGal1

Previous: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 54
Chp 54: A Bit Crazy.
"Well it would seem that would be too late." replied Ash, "As your opponent is already here." "!?" jumped Thorn and looking about, "What, where?!" Rock stayed behind the crates and didn't make a sound. "Stop trying to drive me crazy!" snapped Thorn. "First off," snorted Ash, "You are already nuts to begin with. And second, I know your hidding behind those crates kid! Show yourself!" Rock slowly peered around the crates as Ash turned to Thorn and said smugly "Well I'll be off then. Till next time!" As he walked away, Thorn yelled "There Won't Be A Next Time For You, Ash!" Then she turned to Rock who walked towards her. "So, you're my next opponent." "Yeah.." said Rock, "What his problem?" "He tries to shack up with any one with a heart beat and a set of breasts." snorted Thorn, "Have no clue why my boss keeps the lout around!" "By the way," said Rock, "Name's Rock." "Thorn." sanpped the hedgehog, "I suggest that you find a place to sleep outside. You don't want to be here at night." Thorn turned and walked away leaving Rock standing there. 'She seems to have lots of issues..' he thought. Rock made his way out of the wearhouse and saw Rhine standing outside. "Oh hey Rhine." he said with a wave. Rhine looked at him and said "You better becareful. I've met Thorn before. She's a nasty piece of work." "Well now.." said Rock, "Are you going to give me some insider info about her?" "Just don't underestimate her." said Rhine flatly, "Or let her touch you. She's cute and all.." "Cute?" interupted Rock, raising an eyebrow. "Oh.." said Rhine with a slight chuckle, "How to explain that...I swing the other way." "Your a lesbian." said Rock, unsure if that's what she ment. Rhine nodded and said "I've got to go. See you Rock." Rock watched her go and muttered "I thought she was hitting on me there for a moment." Later that night, Rock was resting by some crates when he heard Thorn's voice. "Could you please keep that oaf away from me, Ratchy." she said, "I don't need a babysitter!" "I would rather you be out and looking for that blasted witch!" snorted another voice. "But I told you my reason why I said this was a good idea." replied Thorn, "We could use the prize as bait! And besides, You let both Blaise and Roxy take the last one! I want to have fun as well!" "Fair enough!" snapped the other voice, "But Ash will keep an eye on you, weather you like it or not! That's Final!" "Yes, sir..." said Thorn with a disapointing tone. 'A witch?' thought Rock.
FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 54
There's a dark tone?!...Nooo...

Rock & Zappy = RockingQuix

Thorn/Ash/'Ratchy' = SilverWolfGal1
Rhine = Mine

Previous: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 53
Next: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 55
Chp 53: Anyone Home?
Rock walked over to the boat and the guy there said "You need something kid?" "I need to get to Metal Harbor." said Rock. "Find another boat kid." snapped the man, "I don't give free rides to no one!" "Not even one who's a friend of Jessica Carbuncle?" said Rock. The man looked at him and said "You know Jess, eh?" "That's right." replied Rock, "She got me out of a jam some time ago at Green Hill Zone. She told me to speak with you to get to Metal Harbor." "I see.." said the man, "But you know that there won't be a fight there till next month." Rock looked at him for a moment and said with a low tone "I guess that you're talking about the Station Square Fight Club." "Yep." said the man, "Someone else 'booked' the venue." "That would be Mr. Saulnier." said Rock, "He's got a fighting tournament going on and one of his fighters is over there right now." "Ah, I see." said the man, "Well, hop in kid. I'll take you there." Rock came abord the small boat after taking the line off the dock. "It will take an hour or two," said the man, "But will be there for that fight." "It won't be happening until tomorrow." said Rock. "Gotch yea." said the man, "Then keep clear of Werehouse 13 until your fight. A lot of shady deals go on there. It seems every other week there's a body found there of some thug or gang leader." 'Yikes!' jumped Rock in his mind, 'What have I gotten myself into?!' An hour and a half passed as the little boat arrived at Metal Harbor. "Enjoy the show kid." said the man as he pushed off leaving Rock and the dock. "I better becareful." muttered Rock as Zappy looked at him worried. Rock made his way towards the nearest building and spotted a large rusty 13 on it's side. "Gulp.." swollowed Rock, "This must be the place." Rock enter a nearby door and looked around. Suddenly a voice shouted "For the Fifteenth Time! Tell The Boss I Don't Need You Here!" Rock reconized the voice and slowly made his way behind some crates. He turned to spy a pair of hedgehogs arguing. It was the two from the train that Rock saw before he fought Lance. "Look!" said the black green hedgehog, "Boss said keep an eye on you, Thorn." "Dream on, Ash!" snapped Thorn, "You're just here to avoid working! Now, How long, before my opponent gets here, will it take you to leave?!"
FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 53
Rock & Zappy = RockingQuix
Thorn/Ash = SilverWolfGal1

Previous: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 52
Next: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 54
I've now posted up to Chapter 55.

But in truth, I've been holding back on putting chapters up.

In truth, I'm working on Chapter 95... (Yikes! This is a long one)

I'm no where finished with the story. I would think that the story will take nother 25 to 30 chapters MINIMUM!

Hang in there as I do intend to finish this by the end of 2014.

You'll have to bear with me though.

Thanks for all the favs and stay tuned...



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