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.:2014 Fan Character Crew:. by Knuxtiger4

What a mob...I'll skip the first row, and deal with the rest. Ozzi and Claw are obviously friendly, while Cyril looks eligently evil in...

GHG Round 2 - Goro VS Zoe by mARTz-9o

Um....where is the rest of Zoe's robot? I'm guessing that it's hidden under Goro's robot's feet. And only thirty nine wins? I didn't th...

The Brash Shark by GuardianMobius

Now here's a "I'm gonna beat yeah for lookin'" kind of guy. The colors are both harsh and cold. The cloudy grey and charcoal work wonde...

The Strange Mix by GuardianMobius

Wow...What an odd ball. The blue seems to clash with the orange quite a bit, yet seem to flow well at the same time.... I do like the c...

Battle for South Island by Hazard-the-Porgoyle

Ah yes, the Egg Walker Mk.I. Ironicly one of the hardest of Dr. Robotnik's original creations. For a game that was more or less a joke,...

Sucks to be Duke and Kaiser here. Berserker isn't having much of a fun time either. Fangs still looks like some one is going to get the...



Whirlwind Fighter by KK-Afterbrun
Whirlwind Fighter
After a bit of a wait, here is my Westland Whirlwind Fighter.

This hefty twin engine was fast, by 1938 standards, hitting 136 mph. The cigar shaped body and framed tear drop canopy made it quite agile, earning the nick name 'Cricky'.

In 1936, when the RAF was looking for a fighter that was armed with four 20mm cannons, Westland jumped at the chance but had to go agains three other companies to win the contract; Supermarine, Hawker, and Gloster.

Both Westland and Gloster made twin engine design, while Supermarine had three designs. Westland and Gloster were given the go ahead, with Gloster dropping out soon afterwards. Westland's design had four cannons in the nose rather then on the wings, making it easier to shot down the enemy  and had one other trick up it's sleave, it's range.

On a full tank, the Whirlwind had an approximate range of 800 Nautical Miles, far more then any other fighter in the RAF.

However due to the weak engines, rated at 880 HP each, the slow productions and the high landing speed, being 80 mph, only 116 were ever made.

Only two squadrens were ever equipped with this aircraft and they were removed from service in 1943, replaced by the Hawker Typhoon.
Wip 3 by KK-Afterbrun
Wip 3
Here's my whirlwind fully built.

Paint and Decals will come later.
Whirlwind In Progress 2 by KK-Afterbrun
Whirlwind In Progress 2
That's right. This is a Westland Whirlwind Fighter from WWII.

Another post for it will be coming in a few days.
Wip 1 by KK-Afterbrun
Wip 1
What is this assortment of parts?

Could this be a new model plane from me?

Can you guess what plane?

I'll give you a week before I show you the next step. Then you should know what it is. 

But if someone gets it right, I'll post an update. 
The Surviver by KK-Afterbrun
The Surviver
This 1940 Romanian PZL 23 has seen better days. It's been shot full of holes, the lower gun spot is crumpled and it's tail skid is lost. (most likely from landing)

But at least it came back. You can tell this is one from 1940 from the Romanian Roundles on the wings. (Later they were switch to the Romanian Cross)


Didn't I mention that I was going to make a PZL Karas at the begining of the year? Or was that last year?

I was getting fed up with it sitting when  I struggled to get the cockpit together. I left it alone for almost 7 to 8 months.

I only came back to it this past week and only finished this morning. (It might be next year for other who see this)

But with the rushing, I misplaced the tail skid. So rather then try and make a new one, I built the 'scaffolding' you see at the tail end of the plane.

I also used some of my bullet hole decals which I found a few years ago. (I really didn't want to use them unless I had a good reason for them)
I'll be putting a major update on my FC Fighters 2 tommorrow.

I should be up to chapter 100 with quiet a few more to do.

But I could be finished by years end if not early next year.

K.K. Afterbrun

P.S. I've been sick for the past little while and wasn't able to put the chapters up sooner because of it.


KK-Afterbrun's Profile Picture
Board Gamer, Model Aircraft builder, Sonic FC Critiquer and a bit of a hobby writer.

You can read my Fan Fics here on my page.

Guardians of the Mirror Moon (8 chapters) :…

Sonic and the Mirror Moon (52 chapter in 26 posts):…

FC Fighters (90 chapters) :…

Darkness Reborn (Short) :…

The Day That Changed Him (Short) :…

FC Fighters 2: Grand Stone Challange (In Progress) :…

Jewels of the Cursed Isle (51 chapters) :…

Kay's Lost Journey Log (20 parts):…

Kay's Field Notes (13 parts)…

Kay's Fighter Log Book (in progress) :

If you're here to look at my Robot Masters, click this link to head to my Level Select:…

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