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.:2014 Fan Character Crew:. by Knuxtiger4

What a mob...I'll skip the first row, and deal with the rest. Ozzi and Claw are obviously friendly, while Cyril looks eligently evil in...

GHG Round 2 - Goro VS Zoe by mARTz-9o

Um....where is the rest of Zoe's robot? I'm guessing that it's hidden under Goro's robot's feet. And only thirty nine wins? I didn't th...

The Brash Shark by GuardianMobius

Now here's a "I'm gonna beat yeah for lookin'" kind of guy. The colors are both harsh and cold. The cloudy grey and charcoal work wonde...

The Strange Mix by GuardianMobius

Wow...What an odd ball. The blue seems to clash with the orange quite a bit, yet seem to flow well at the same time.... I do like the c...

Battle for South Island by Hazard-the-Porgoyle

Ah yes, the Egg Walker Mk.I. Ironicly one of the hardest of Dr. Robotnik's original creations. For a game that was more or less a joke,...

.:Final Battle:. by Knuxtiger4

Sucks to be Duke and Kaiser here. Berserker isn't having much of a fun time either. Fangs still looks like some one is going to get the...



8-bit Smash Bros Demotivational by KK-Afterbrun
8-bit Smash Bros Demotivational
Admit it, it had to be done.

Motivational Poster Base by Moonlight-The-Wolf
PI Man Redo by KK-Afterbrun
PI Man Redo
I gave P.I. Man a little rework.

He looked a little off balanced and a friend suggested that I shorten him to be closer to Mega Man's height.

I also dropped his buster and swap his pipe from one hand to the other.

Please comment on his new look please.
Chp 60: Black Silver Welcome.
"Huh?" they both said as they turned to see a hedgebat sitting there. "Who are..." started Rock. "You!" cursed Romana. "Still sore, Romana." snorted the hedgebat, "Be as it may, I have no time for you at this point for your pety revenge." The hedgebat got up and walked down the length of the car before Rock asked "You know him?" "That's Kumori Kan Shadou!" snarled Romana, "He's currently unbeaten in the tournament!" "Really?" jumped Rock. "Don't let his looks fool you." she snarled, "He Will Mess You Up!" "Attention passangers..." came the voice on the intercom, "We will be ariving at Black Silver Station in twenty minites." "Nice to know." said Rock, "Good luck with your fights." "What?!" snorted Romana, "Not going to prod me for how I lost vs. that hedgebat?!" "I'd rather not." said Rock, "He's easedropping on us as we speak." "Huh?" jumped Romana, "But he left this car!" "He's part bat, Romana." sighed Rock, "He can focus on the sounds he wants to hear." After a few minites, the train pulled into Black Silver Station and Romana and Rock got off. "Well I'm off." snorted Romana, "Weaken my next opponent for me, will ya." "As long as you do the same for me." smirked Rock. Rock watched as Romana walked away and he slowly made his way to the inn. As he passed one building he saw a Wanted poster and checked it out. 'Wanted Dead: Kale Komet the Badlands Bandit. For theft, mass murder. Reward: none' "Wow..." muttered Rock, "Wouldn't like to meet him..." Zappy chirpped in front of another wanted poster. Rock looked at it and saw his face was on it. "What!" he hissed, "He looks like me!" "There his is!" came a voice. Rock turned to see a mob of people had surrounded him. "There is no escape for you now!" came one person. "It'll be the Hangman's noose for you, criminal!" "Wait!" cired Rock but the mob slowly made their way towards him. One person rushed out of the mob to attack Rock but a spear suddenly plunged in his path. "I think not!" came Kumori's voice. The hedgebat dropped down as the crowd called for Rock's head. "Out of the way half breed!" called one person and Kumori raised an eyebrow. "If you value your life take not step more!" he snapped.
FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 60
Rock & Zappy = RockingQuix
Romana = LoaTheRat
Kumori = KumoriShadou

Previous: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 59
Chp 59: Chew Chew Bean.
"Oh Lookie!" chanted Bean, "Bunnie Boy! And he's got friend!" "What will it take for you two to bugger off?" snorted Rock. "Lots of shinies!" said Bean pulling out a bomb, "But mostly the big prize shiny!" "You have got to be kidding." snorted Romana, "The testor duck? What gives?" "Testor duck?" said Rock with confusion. "You meenie leaf girl!" spat Bean, "Bean will hurt you good for other day. Leaf girl will go boom!" Bean lobbed the bomb at Romana, but Rock punched it out of the train before it could explode. Romana tackled Bean as Rock blocked one of Bark's lumbering attacks. Rock tried to knock Bark onto his back when Bark him him with a heavy haymaker. Rock raced back to him feet as Romana turned her attention to Bark. Bark grabbed her by the tail and slammed her into the wall as Bean readied another bomb. "Bean will hurt you both!" cursed the duck as he lit the bomb and tossed it.  Suddenly, Rock felt as if someone rushed passed him as the bomb hit the floor with it's fuse cut. "Wha..." started Bean as he picked up the bomb, "Bomby didn't go boom...." Bean suddenly burst into tears at his bomb not exploding. "Why?!" he lamented, "Why must this happen to bomby...." Rock turned his attention to Bark as he still had Romana by her tail. Zappy flew in behind him and started to peck him on the back of the head. As Bark tried to swat Zappy away, Romana hit him hard in the gut, making Bark let her go. Rock drop kicked Bark out of the train as Romana spotted a newish looking screw and called to Bean "Hey look, A shiney!" Bean looked up with glee as Romana tossed it out of the train. Bean dove after it as Rock freed the engineer. Rock then noticed a time bomb had been strapped behind the engineer. Quickly he ripped it out and tossed it towards Bark and Bean, who were just getting back up and it exploded in their face. "Thank you." said the engineer with a shakey tone. "Just get this train to Black Silver Station." said Rock. "As you wish." said the engineer. Rock and Romana turned and headed back to their seats as the train started to move again. "How did you cut the fuse to that bomb?" asked Romana with a snort. "That wasn't me." said Rock. "It was I" came a voice from the next seat.
FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 59
Rock & Zappy = RockingQuix
Romana = LoaTheRat
Bark/Bean = Sonic Team

Previous: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 58
Next: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 60
Chp 58: Ruff Rails.
"I have a question for you, Romana." said Rock as the train went, "Did you tamper with Prof. Kay's generator?" "You mean that drit digger Skunk?" snorted Romana. "Yeah." snorted Rock. "He cheated!" protested Romana in anger, "He wasn't allowed to use his gun in the fight! I swear he did use it!" "Well.." said Rock, "If it is like the fight between you and I where he didn't know then you must have broke your stipulation as well." "He broke his first so I broke mine afterwords!" snarled Romana, "And yet I was DQ!" "He nailed you with that shovel of his, didn't he?" said Rock. "Yeah!" cursed Romana, "So I did mess with his machine." "Sore loser." muttered Rock under his breath. "What was that?!" cursed Romana angrily. Studdenly the train came to a full stop and Rock looked out the window. "We're there already?" he said looking out the window in confusion. The conductor's voice came on the intercom "We are sorry for the delay. The track ahead has been damaged and must be repaired before we can move on. This may take a day or so." Romana looked at the intercom with some confusion before saying "Does the guy in charge of this thing seem nervous?" "Huh?!" jumped Rock, "What makes you say that?" "Let's just say that I smell a rat..." snarled Romana as she got up from her seat, "I'm going up front to see what the issue is!" "Hold up." said Rock, jumping to his feet, "If you thing there might be some foul play, I would like to check as well." "Then come on!" snarled Romana as she stormed towards the front of the train. Rock raced after her with Zappy darting ahead of them. Suddenly Zappy darted back towards Rock and chirpped franticly. "Eh?" snorted Romana, "What's the budgy saying to you?" "First off," snorted Rock, "Zappy is a Flicky! And second, I'll give you three guesses of what is going on up front!" "Are you serivously telling me that the tracks are broken?!" cursed Romana. "No!" snapped Rock, "Just a pair of Double Trouble who will not leave me alone! They want to steal the tournament prize!" "Double Trouble?" asked Romana with a sneer. "Just follow me!" cursed Rock as he rushed past her. Rock stormed into the engine as Bark and Bean were finished tying up with the engineer.
FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 58
Rock & Zappy = RockingQuix
Romana = LoaTheRat
Bark/Bean = Sonic Team

Previous: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 57
Next: FC Fighters 2 G.S.C.: Chp 59
I've now posted up to Chapter 55.

But in truth, I've been holding back on putting chapters up.

In truth, I'm working on Chapter 95... (Yikes! This is a long one)

I'm no where finished with the story. I would think that the story will take nother 25 to 30 chapters MINIMUM!

Hang in there as I do intend to finish this by the end of 2014.

You'll have to bear with me though.

Thanks for all the favs and stay tuned...



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