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This deviation was deleted

A winged ceature.... A gragoyle perhaps? Must be a thug of somesort with his ripped sleved shirt and the fingerless gloves. Those green eye are quite peircing and those black lines on his muzzle must help with glare. I do find it odd that the cheast hair doesn't show up from his undershirt. His hair looks like he might be a bit of an upper crust snod or a Sly manipulator.

Overall, he sure is different then most and he does look well put together. Nicely done, though I wouldn't trust him if I ever met him on a darkened street.
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Artistic-Twist Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Well No, Lucian isn’t a gargoyle. XD He is actually a hedgehog who’s become the host of a hostile Black-Arms alien parasite. The parasite triggers something in the brain that causes the growth of wings, elongation of the tail, and the dark marks under his eyes. (It’s also why his eyes have yellowed.) This while entire concept was made by my friend *Blood-Of-Severity! It’s extremely interesting but I could never do it justice, so you should totally check it out sometime. XD

Lucian is a thief of sorts, but not really a manipulator.

Thank you for the comment.
KK-Afterbrun Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
And thank for the clairifcation...
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